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September 5, 2016

BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL. ONE is available now online.  It collects the six main humor titles in one book. ALSO… I now have a Coloring Book for Grown Up Folks HERE for sale and a Horror Comic series LIGHTS OUT BOOK ONE of Five

I’ve been working on the New ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER book.  It’s a humor comic about , well, a zombie hunter.  It has two stories with him and his sidekick Be-elza Boo Boo the demon.  It’s been fun working on this one.  I’m also about to start working on LIGHT OUT BOOK TWO of Five.  Landon McMinn ( the writer ) has is written,  I’ve just got to start laying out pages.  I want to have it done before Pensacon in Feb.  The BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL TWO is in my computer finished.  It just needs a cover and I can put it out.  My sci fi time travel novel DOX has been written for ten years.  I originally was going to use it as a manuscript to put out a series of graphic novels but never had the time so now it’s just coming out as a VERY illustrated novel.  I will be putting 151 illustrations in it actually.  That’s four books I’m working on at one time.  I have another waiting to start as soon as I get these , or some of these, done.  I’ve just counted and didn’t even realize that I had 13 books that I’ve self published.  Mostly humor, some horror.  I’ll post a list here then I have to get back to the drawing board.  I literally will be going to the drawing board…. I’m a CARTOONIST! YAY!  Yall have a Bubbatastic day why don’t ya.

If you would like to support BWC and help me keep making comics you can buy these books
GAS GIANT 700 pages ebook PDF file (comics collection) $5
BWC OMNIBUS vol ONE 100 + page book (comics collection) $12
LIGHTS OUT book 1 of 5 Horror Comic $6
GAS GIANT vol One Hardback book (comics collection) $40
GAS GIANT vol Two Hardback book (comics collection) $40
MISFITS & MAYHEM ( Horror Comics Collection ) $20
MISFITS & MAYHEM ebook PDF file $2.50
MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 ( Horror Comics Collection ) $20
MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 ebook PDF file $2.50

There are other books on my lulu store page but the earlier ones are contained in the GAS GIANT volumes so I didn’t post them here.  There are regular and ebook copies of each one on my lulu store page if you feel you just absolutely , positively must have them.  You can get to my lulu store page from any of the book links provided.



September 18, 2012

Oh my stars and garters the Festival is just around the corner I tells ya.  Cartoonists, web and syndicated and comic book.  Novelists, writers ( horror , sci fi, fantasy, steampunk, ect. ) will be there.  An Artist Alley.  Three comic book shops from around the state of MS.  Three Paranormal groups.  The Mandolorians , an Anime group, two Steampunk groups.  A couple of ventriloquists and Inky the clown.  The creator of Arlo & Janis , Jimmy Johnson , will be there.  Cosplay will be going on you can be sure of.    NOVELISTS!…. there will be Novelists there too…… Oh , I believe I have mentioned that.  Just about every Web cartoonists in the State of MS should be there with a couple from out of state.  Funs I tells ya.  Sept 29, 2012 at the Coliseum in Louisville, MS.  AND it’s a Time Travel Meet Up also .  Time Travelers are invited to use this as a meeting time and place.  See ya in the funny pages.


September 9, 2010

I have just gotten thru with putting THREE books together.  I will do another post about the first two later when they come in but right now I want to talk about the BUBBAWORLD COMIX GAS GIANT SIZED VOLUME ONE.

This is an experiment I’m trying out.  I have made a PDF file book on CD.  It contains the first three volumes of the Bubbaworld Comix collection books.  That means all six titles are in this 406 page book.  QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR – “METAL IN THE MICROWAVE” , MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS – “WHO ARE YOU GONNA BELIEVE, ME OR 25 HYSTERICAL NUNS” , SPACE REDNECKS – ” HOUSTON, SUMPTHIN AINT RIGHT UP HERE” , GOING BATTY – ” MOB MENTALITY ”  ,  CAPN’ GEEZER – ” PORT O POTTIE TIME MACHINES, OH MY! ”  &  DAWN OF TIME – ” WARM SPOT IN THE GENE POOL”  Then I also included the eleven page Capn’ Geezer’s April Fool Special.  There’s a bonus comics section with one panel gag comics that I’ve done at signings and cons.  There’s even a section called “The Evolution Of BubbaWorld Comix” that shows the growth from a paper to the web and teh different styles I have done on my comics.  And there is also the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD VOL ONE book included it too.

All this for just $20.  And I also throw in an original sketch that fits in the front of the CD case.  You can find this book (with my regular traditional books) at my BUBBAWORLD COMIX website on the store page or you can just email me at bubbaworldcomix (at) gmail (dot) com   .   I’ll take checks or money orders and even pay pal.  Just email me if you’re interested in getting one of these CD books.  I like the traditional books to hold in my hand but I read so much on the computer now and spend so much time on it I probably would buy these types of books from the cartoonists I support if they had them.  Also I prefer human interaction over computer automation.  Each email is read by me and each order is handled by me.

If you want a really good deal on a lot of comics and want to support a cartoonist so he can make more comics for your enjoyment then order this book and I’ll see you in the funny web pages.


May 31, 2010

I am getting ready for the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON in Jackson MS.  It will be June 26 and 27.  Only 27 days away.

I ( BUBBAWORLD COMIX ) will  be in the Artist Alley with some other mighty fine artists, I’ll tell you what.  I was there last year and enjoyed every minute of it.  I plan to enjoy every minute of this year’s convention even more.  Last year I didn’t know any of the guys from the HEROES & DREAMS COMIC BOOK STORE in Flowood, MS or any of the other artists in the Artist Alley.  It didn’t take long to make friends with them and it seems like I’ve known them for years instead of  just the one.  So not only do I get to be in a cool Convention held in Jackson MS, and hang out with some cool folks and artists, but now they will be old friends this year.  And a whole weekend to get into a lot of craziness with them.

I will also be drawing up a storm of sketches and sketch cards with a lot pre drawn also.  Need your favorite Muppet with a Green Lantern ring, then I’m your man…need some Zombie Smurf cards, then I’m your man.  Want some BubbaWorld Comix original artwork,  then I’m definitely your man.

I will have books with me also.  BubbaWorld Comix Vol One & Two along with the horror graphic novel MISFITS & MAYHEM.  Most importantly though, I will be releasing BubbaWorld Comix Vol Three for the Con.  Vol One contains the collections from my humor titles QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR & MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS while Vol Two contains SPACE REDNECKS & GOING BATTY.  Vol Three will be the collection of CAPN’ GEEZER & DAWN OF TIME.  CAPN’ GEEZER is about a Time Traveler and his companions facing villians like, Major Evil, who travels thru time in his Port O Pottie Time Machine.  DAWN OF TIME is my humor title about Bubba the Caveman and his chimp friend Milo.  Bubba is the warm spot in the Gene Pool.  Since June of 2009 this will make my 5th book that I’ve self published.  TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD is the Halloween humor book that collects the Halloween humor stories that cross over all six of my BubbaWorld titles together.  Vol Two of this and Vol Two of MISFITS & MAYHEM will release in October 2010 but I will cover that more in another post.  Sadly to say I will not have any copies of the TALES book with me at the Con this year.  Needless to say, it’s been a busy year.

Lets talk more about the Con.  Larry Kenney will be there.  The Voice of Lion-O himself.  Not to mention he was also Count Chocula and Sonny the CoCo Puffs Bird.  He was there last year and he was awesome to hang out with.  Steven Butler, the artist for the Sonic the Hedghog book put out by Archie Comics, will be there.  Mitch Byrd is coming.  Both of them are legends in the comics industry.  Jesse Labbe and Anthony Coffee will be there.  They are responsible for BERONA’S WAR. It’s a pretty cool book, I already have mine.  Check it out at their website Amity Ink.  Another friend of mine I made last year at the Con and who is a pretty ding dang cool artist also is Shane Henderson.  He and his cousin are working on a horror graphic novel that I can’t wait to get my hands on.  Wade Acuff….you just need to come and check out his artwork.  You will be glad you did.  T.D. Roebuck does some pretty cool sketch cards and artwork.  I have a Tom Baker she did for me.  She’s married to a clown though…INKY THE CLOWN!  He’s awesome and should be at the Comic Con also.  He was there last year and was a blast.  Chuck Jett the Chucksquatch will be there doing sketch cards and if you like horror art then you need to check out some of his stuff.  He may even have his own book with him too.

There will be many more artists including the web cartoonists Kevin Hayman who does the ERRANT APPRENTICE comic strip.  Come on out and check them all out while they’re under one roof.  Then later that night at the same hotel will be a couple of get togethers.  I’ll just post the flyers fro them here.

The whole weekend will be a blast.  If I wasn’t already in the Artist Alley I would be getting me a hotel room and enjoy the full two days of the convention.  We’re lucky to have a shop in Mississippi with people who care enough to put this Comic Convention on in our own backyard.  And there will be other shops supporting it from around the state.  3 Alarm Comics from Biloxi will have an exhibitor booth and so will the newly opened CrossFire Comics from Meridian.  There will be plenty of other exhibitors there also so be sure to gather up your family and come out and get your geek on.


May 12, 2010

Two stores in two weeks.  It was AWESOME! I’ll tell you what.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY was May first.  It’s always on the first Saturday in May and I spent the entire day at HEROES & DREAMS in Flowood, MS.  There were a few of us artists there that day.  Myself of course, BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  T.D. Roebuck, Shane Henderson, Wade Acuff, Kevin Hayman (the ERRANT APPRENTICE), Jesse Labbe’ and Anthony Coffey were all there.  Some of us were promoting our books and all of us were doing sketches and sketch cards for the public.

The artist currently known as Chuck Jett spent the day with us too but didnt actually set up to draw.  Here he’s trying to capture someone’s soul.  The place was packed for most of the morning and then the crowd was still good but more managable after lunch time.  I took plenty of pictures of stuff Kevin drew but totally forgot to take any of what I was drawing.  I am the absent minded one at times.

Grand Master Josh was there and even someone turning in our pics to the empire.

It was a great time, I sold sketch cards and sketches and commissions and was very happy.  The store stayed open a little later than normal so I opted to go on home instead of going out to eat with everyone.  I do enjoy when I get to go out and eat with the guys.  I definitely will the next time.  It was an awesome day as it always is when I spend it at the HEROES & DREAMS in Flowood.  This is also the store that will be putting on the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON in Jackson the last weekend of June of this year (2010) at the Cabot Lodge.  I will be in the Artist Alley both Saturday and Sunday.  Be sure to check it out.

The following Saturday I was in Meridian, MS at Crossfire Comics.

This was also an awesome weekend.  Some of the same folks were there with us and more.  Myself ( BUBBAWORLD COMIX ) and my partner on the MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel Shane Sullivan, T.D. Roebuck and Wade Acuff from the previous weekend.  James Powell and Oliver Twisted came up from the coast area along with Mitch Byrd and Steven Butler and Bryan King ( Neo-Earth ).  Chuck Jett was also there and was set up this time with his art and sketches.

Shane even got Steven Butler to draw him a Savage Sword of Sonic… in case you live in a cave and dont know, Steven is the artist for Sonic the Hedgehog comic book from Archie Comics…..and I just realized once again I forgot to take pictures of the things I was actually drawing.

…and of course there was the jam piece that all the artists contributed on.  Those are always fun to do.  We really need to do one for Heroes & Dreams at the convention in June.

Also I was interviewed by the local news in Meridian while at Crossfire Comics and you can see it here


April 23, 2010

I , BUBBAWORLD COMIX , will be at some places here within the next three weeks.  April 24th, which is on a Saturday, I will be at the first Arts & Crafts festival in Weir, MS.  One of the things that concerns me of this appearance is the weather.  It may be raining and T-storms that day.  If I wake up Saturday morning and it’s raining I will not be going to an out door festival.  If however the weather is good I will be setting up my tent and may even stat doing Comic-a-tures .  Similar to caricatures but I will be drawing people more like they were a character out of a comic strip or book.

Much like I did myself here.  It’s also the perfect weight loss plan.  I just drew myself the size I ought to be.  I literally erased those pounds.  I will probably start doing these at my other signings if they do well for me.

The next event will be FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at Heroes & Dreams in Flowood, MS.  I will be there with other local Mississippi artists drawing sketches, sketch cards and comic-a-tures.  I’m really looking forward to this also.  Every year Comic Book Shops give out special free promotional comics all across the nation on the first Saturday in May.  This year it’s on May 1st.  I believe that they will be open from 10 am till 8 pm.  Check out the HEROES & DREAMS website for more information about them.  I go to Heroes & Dreams a lot now doing signings and sketch sessions and always enjoy myself immensely.  This will be the first FCBD that I spend with them.  I’ve gone to others in different places before.  At one I got the actor that plays Aquaman on the WB Smallville series to sign my Namor #1.

Something else that I’m really looking forward to is the opening of a new Comic Book Shop in Meridian, MS.  Crossfire Comics will be opening the first week of May and will be having an Artist Summit May 8th.  Also on a Saturday.  Myself and some other fine Mississippi cartoonists/artists will be at this gathering.  Steven Butler and Mitch Byrd will even be joining us for this one.  Mississippi needs more Comic Book Stores and Meridian is a good place for one to open.  If you cant make it to Flowood on FCBD and Meridian is closer then show up at CrossFire Comics.  But by all means, if you can make both do it.  Lets support our Comic Book Shops that put on these events for their customers.

If you are on the coast FCBD will be celebrated by 3 Alarm Comics and will have some fine artists there too.  I will be in Flowood that day but do enjoy when I’m able to hang out on the coast with Scott and them.

MISSISSIPPI’s SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON will be held the last weekend of June.  June 26 & 27.  The fine folks at HEROES & DREAMS will be throwing another fine Comic Con in Jackson at the Cabot Lodge this year.  I will be there along with some mighty fine cartoonists & Artists.  Larry Kenney the voice of Lion-O of the Thundercats will be there again and he is a blast to hang out with.  I’ve been looking forward to this show all year.  I made some good friends at it last year and will enjoy having a whole weekend to hang out with them.  I provided a link to the con and they have a facebook page for the latest updates.  All three Comic Book Shops I’ve mentioned in this post will be represented there.  I think they are even planning panels this year.  I dont have the details on those yet.  If you’re in Mississippi and enjoy comics or Sci Fi then you should really support this Con.  I was at it last year and I plan to be at it every year they put it on.  Come out and see me at these shows, read my comics at the BUBBAWORLD COMIX web site and I’ll “See you in the Funny Web Pages.”

April Fools Day Special

April 5, 2010

I’ve recently just did an April Fools Special comic this past Thursday at BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  I took my humor strip , CAPN’ GEEZER, and re did it as an action adventure strip for one day.  It’s the humor strip that landed on April Fools Day this year so it’s the one that got the treatment.  Each year I plan to do this with which ever comic title of mine lands on April First.

Here’s an example of  it normally…

and here is one of the pages from the eleven page special….

and I actually put the second page up just cause it had the main characters in it.  Capn” Geezer, Zoe, Bot and Major Evil.  You can pop over to BUBBAWORLD COMIX now and click the link at the top of the page to see it.  But go now cause it will only be up for the month of April.  After that it wont even be in the archives.

Also I have some shows coming up.  May 1st is a Saturday and as the first Saturday in May it is also known as Free Comic Book Day.  HEROES & DREAMS in Flowood, MS participates in this and I will be one of the cartoonists in the store that day drawing comics, sketch cards, sketches and commissions.  Be sure to drop in.  I will be in Meridian on May the 8th with some of Mississippi finest cartoonists celebrating the opening of a new comic book shop, CROSSFIRE COMICS.  Then there will be the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON held in Jackson, MS put on by the fine folks at HEROES & DREAMS.  Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O will be back and he is a blast to be around, I’ll tell you what.  There will of course be an ARTIST ALLEY which is where I will be at.  Be sure to come by and find me there.  The con will be the Last weekend of June on the Saturday and Sunday.  I will post more on it as it draws closer.  If you have a facebook page become a fan of the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON.

Pop Culture Artist Summit

February 17, 2010

I’m preparing for the Pop Culture Artist Summit in Biloxi MS at 3 Alarm Comics.  I’m stoked about getting down there.  I’ve made some artist/cartoonist  friends around the coast area that will be there and some artist/cartoonists friends from Jackson will be down there too.  There will be some that I dont know yet that I will get to meet on Feb 27th.  I will have BUBBAWORLD COMIX VOL 2 which has a collection of my SPACE REDNECKS & GOING BATTY comic strip titles.  I’m also working on some original artwork and sketch cards to carry down with me.

Here’s a couple of sketch cards, in color even….I dont do many sketches or cards in color.  Maybe it’s because of my color blindness with reds & greens….a color blind artist, who ever heard of such?  I did these Guardians of the Universe right after I did an 8 1/2 x  11 sketch of the Statler & Wardolf Muppets as the Guardians.

The folks at the Heroes & Dreams comic book store in Flowood MS have been having me draw a bunch of Muppet / Green Lantern Rings pictures.  It all started with a request of Fozzie Bear wearing all the Lanter Rings of Power…

….and then a Gonzo….

….and so on.  I am currently working on more Muppet and Sesame Street / Lantern Rings pictures.  I’ve also been working on some of my sketch cards.  This Booster Gold was bought just a couple of days after it was drawn.

the same person bought one of the Counts too…..

….Two….Two Muppet Sketch Cards…ah ah ah ah ah…(Thunder sound effect overhead)

And of course I will be working on some Doctor Who sketches and cards…..must draw some Who.     I will be working on a bunch of types of drawings.  I will be bringing some of my original comic strip art from all six of my titles of  BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM

I will even have artwork of future projects.  This is a Shak-A-Ree from my sci fi saga , “DOX”.  I will be working on some original sketches and sketch cards from this series I have already written.  I just have to lay out the pages and start drawing on the books.  It should make about 5 or 6 graphic novels.  The  sizes I draw in are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 , or trading card size….8 1/2 x 11 1/2 …… and  11 x 17.  I use to do some on 5  1/2 x 8 1/2 but I pretty much dont draw on that size anymore.  Be sure to pop down to Biloxi on Feb 27th in a couple of weeks and check out the Pop Culture Art Summit.  If you want a certain sketch or card drawn just email me at   bubbaworldcomix   (at)  gmail (dot) com

If you want something and dont live in Mississippi or cant make it to the coast then just email me with your requests.


Stephen Butler Bio for Van’s Artist Alley

July 29, 2009

Each week or so I will be posting a bio of an artist appearing at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland, MS on Oct 3rd.  This week is Stephen Butler.

Steven Butler was born, raised, and still lives in the rural wilds of Lucedale, Mississippi.  He is married to a lovely lady named Christy and has 4 children,(Eric-18, Savannah-14, Lily-Ann-10, and Aaron Dale-6).  He has spent pretty much the entirety of his adult life as a self-employed freelance artist, working primarily in the comic book market as a penciler.  He got his start in 1989, and has worked for a number of comic book companies, inluding First Comics where he worked on the title The Badger, Marvel Comics, where he worked on Silver Sable and the Wild Pack, Web Of Spider-Man, Punisher War Journal, etc. Disney Adventures Magazine, where he drew pretty much anything and everything, and Archie Comics, where he has been working on the Sonic The Hedgehog comics since 1998.  He has also worked on several Christian Comics publications including “Powermark” and “Welcome To Holsom”.  Steven is very thankful to have a job like this, because it beats about a thousand other jobs he can think of, and is even more grateful to have such an understanding and supportive wife who never gives him grief over acting like a kid in his 40’s.  Steven just wonders why he wrote this bio in 3rd person— probably because he read too many Incredible Hulk comics in the ’70’s.


July 28, 2009

October 3rd, (a Saturday) 2009, there will be an arttist alley signing at Van’s Comics & Cards in Ridgeland, MS.  It will have 7 tables of independent cartoonist and writers.  Some of the tables will have more than one person at it.  Web Cartoonists and Comic book artists and writers will be there.  The most important thing….FREE ADMISSION!  Just show up between 10 am till 6 pm that day.  The artists and writers will be selling and signing their own books and art.

558 Hwy 51 Ridgeland, MS is the address to the store.

vans 09

This is a photo of the shop.  If you are coming from the North East ( Canton or Madison area ) heading South West on Hwy 51 it will be on your left (the East side of the road).  You will see these shops….

vans 06vans 07

….if you pass the Trace grill then you’ve gone too far.

vans 04

Van’s Has two drives entering into his parking lot on either side of his store….

vans 03

This is a full view of the store.  The Artist Alley will be in the building on the right but you will have to enter through the building on the left thru the door next to the Van’s Comics Sign.

If you are coming from the South West ( Jackson area ) heading North East then it will be on your right.  Use the landmark pictures above, only in reverse.

It’s East of Hwy 55.

I didnt take any shots of the inside of the artist alley room but I did get a couple or so of the inside of the comic book shop to give you an idea of how big it is.

vans 11

A view of half the store looking from the back toward the counter.

vans 12vans 13

two pictures from the front to the back showing two halves of the store.  It may be a little confusing depending on how close the blog puts them next to each other.

Once again it will be FREE ADMISSION to come and see the Artist and Writers selling their books and art.  Tell all your friends and family.  It’s Oct 3rd from 10 am till 6 pm.

I will put up more blogs later about the actual artists and writers that will be appearing and any websites that might help.

BubbaWorld Comix is my website for my webcomics if you want to check it out while you wait, and yes I will be one of the cartoonist/writers in the artist alley.  And I will have sketch cards and 3 books.