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February 14, 2017

Free stuff is always good.  Am I right or am I right?  I’ve been putting comics on the web for free for years.  I’m still gonna be doing that but I’ve retooled how I’m gonna be doing it I tells ya what.

Every THREE MONTHS there will be a free comic on my ISSUU site.  The first one is there now, ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER.  It is a humor comic.  It came out at the end of January.  The first MISSISSIPPI ARTS & CULTURE magazine came out at the end of December of 2016.  I will be putting out 4 comics each year and 8 issues of the magazine each year.  Every three months a comic and the two months between each will be the magazine.  AND IT’S FREE.  It’s a pdf that you can read online or download.  I sell ads to make it free but , hey, IT’S FREE.  Woo Hoo.

At the end of April the next comic will be coming out.  ZACK was 30 pages but I plan the rest of the comics to be around 100 to 150 pages.  Actual humor graphic novels.  Due to size restraints each book may be split into four parts BUT i will release them ALL at the SAME TIME.  No waiting.  You will get the full story all at once.  The next comic will be SPACE REDNECKS : THERE GOES THE GALAXY.

The magazine will have articles about artists and events in, around, and near Mississippi.  Also, I plan to start a ongoing serial comic strip starting in the March Issue.  It’s gonna be cool I tells ya.  Spread the word.  Tell your family, tell your friends, heck… tell your enemies too.  They may even like you more after you share this awesome news with them.  I will try to post here when I update but you can follow me at my ISSUU site and be alerted every time I put something up.

Get ready for some free comics and have a Bubbatastic Day.



October 18, 2012

I went to Tupelo , MS to check out the two Halloween stores there and ended up getting some giant cartoon hand gloves to add to my accessories.  While I was there I figured it would be the perfect time to stop in at Poe Poz Comic shop in Tupelo and vlog a little with Geeky the Clown puppet.  Check it out HERE.


August 28, 2012

Apparently Mississippi is a land mass now, or at least that’s how the Weather Channel sees us.  No big surprise really, I mean I remember when they would conveniently stand in front of MS when showing the map and talking about some storm system that was leaving Arkansas and approaching Alabama almost like it was going to teleport over or something.  Being referred to as a Land Mass is almost a step up actually.

I remember a few times when they would mention a town in MS followed by a stare into the camera for a brief second that almost seem to convey , “Oh, those poor bastards”.  When you’re ignored by the Weather Channel as much as we are and then your town is mentioned on the air you realize it’s because some “wrath of God” type of storm is barreling down on ya.  It’s so bad that even the Weather Channel can’t ignore it.  Can you imagine the panic in the streets of whatever town in MS that would be mentioned on air.  The people must have run out into the streets screaming , ” THE WEATHER CHANNEL MENTIONED OUR TOWN’S NAME!  WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! WE’RE DOOMED!  WE’RE DOOMED! “…. or something like that I would imagine.

Read my comics at BUBBAWORLD COMIX

BubbaWorld Comix Universe Sketch Cards

July 12, 2010

Of course I hope you already know of my comics web page BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  If you dont just follow the handy link I gave you by clicking on the name.

I am doing sketch cards of every character in the BubbaWorld Comix Universe.  Most cartoonists have one title, maybe two that they work on and have to keep up with all of the characters in said titles.  Some of these cartoonists may even have a writer helping them.  I have SIX titles and I write them MYSELF.  I really should start say I have seven titles , since I’m adding a new cast of characters this October to the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Vol TWO.  It will be all new content that has never been seen on the website, ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER. ….. but back to the sketch cards.  I’ve just recently was at the SOUTHERN FRIED COMIC CON in Jackson, MS the last weekend of June having a blast at it if I do say so.  The people that put on this con did a great job and it’s only it’s third year running.  Every bit of support helps to make it an even better con each year.  So I am doing a sketch card of every character of ALL SEVEN TITLES that I do.  I’m also doing each one three times each.  This way I will have three complete sets of the BUBBAWORLD COMIX UNIVERSE SKETCH CARDS.

They will be raffled off to help raise money for next years con.  Three sets with one set in three stores around the state of Mississippi.  HEROES & DREAMS in Flowood, MS.  CROSSFIRE COMICS in Meridian, MS.  and THREE ALARM COMICS in Biloxi, MS.  The money will go to help fund the con next year.

Just so you understand why I’m calling this the BUBBAWORLD COMIX UNIVERSE, let me tell you that there are over 120 plus characters that I’m about to draw.  Maybe more.  I tend to lose count.  Some people ask why do I write for so many characters.  The answer is simple.  This keeps me from going schizophrenic and developing multiple personalities.

I will be putting up the cards as I do them for the titles MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS…..CAPN’ GEEZER….. DAWN OF TIME ….. GOING BATTY …… SPACE REDNECKS ….. QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR ….. ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER ….. and a few characters that have only appeared in the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween specials.  I will be doing some short posts after this one but more frequent with a few cards in each post so as not to overwhelm yall.


KNOTHEAD THE CLOWN.  Very pessimistic, hates mimes, lives in a two story mobile home and is pals with Herman the Psychotic Chicken. Sleeps on a park bench because of his back.

SPEEDBUMP is Knothead’s dog.  Speedbump has not appeared  in many strips.

HERMAN THE PSYCHOTIC CHICKEN.  Wears a floppy ear hat most of the time because he thinks he’s the Easter Bunny and other times because he thinks it’s stylish. Loves to Aggravate the Nuns.  Lives with Bill and Bubba the Swamp Dragons.

More to come later……


September 16, 2009

I have ordered the MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel and should have them in shortly.  I have also ordered, at the same time, the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD Halloween special for BubbaWorld Comix .

MISFITS & MAYHEM is a graphic novel containing six horror stories.  Three are written by me, Andy B. Childress.  Three are written by my friend, Shane Sullivan.  All six stories are drawn, inked, and lettered by me, Andy B. Childress.  I did this book in a totally different style from the way I do my humor strips.  TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD is a collection of Halloween themed stories involving all six of my humor strip titles that appear on the website.  Some of the stories even cross over some or all of the titles.  Come October there will be a new TALES special on the website.  The book collects all the past specials that are not avaliable online any longer.  The new special will only be up for the month of October and will come down the month of November.  It will come out in book form next year with a special story that will appear only in the book.  The new story will contain never before seen characters that I have been working on.

I love Halloween web comic specials but have trouble finding any online any more.  So I do one every year.

I will be promoting the two new books all thru October.  I have signings lined up for four of the five weekends of October.  The first three Saturdays will be in Jackson, MS.  Oct 3 will be at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland, MS held in Van’s Comics & Cards.  Oct 10 will be in Flowood, Ms at the Heroes & Dreams Comic Shop.  Oct 17 will be in the Eudora Weltly Library in Jackson, Ms with the Imagicopter group.  Oct 3o will be at the Book Mart on Main Street in Starkville, Ms.

I will be releasing a BubbaWorld Comix collection book every four months and also other graphic novels from time to time.  I have already written a manuscript for a sci fi time travel graphic novel 5 or 6 part saga.  I’m currently working on thumbnail layouts for the pages of the first book in the saga.  All this while keeping a six day a week update schedule on my comics website.


August 28, 2009

This is the bio for Chuck Jet, another artist that will be appearing at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland MS , Oct 3rd, 10am till 6pm.

Baptized in motor oil and raised in the shadows of the Catholic Church comes the “no holds barred” artwork of Chuck Jett. Chuck is currently turning his attention from the more traditional fine art background he suffered to the world of horror and sci-fi fantasy art, finding the challenges to be more fun and rewarding. When asked about being an artist and his techniques, Chuck replied, “I’d rather be a professional wrestler.”


July 24, 2009

jcc chuck 03

Me (BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.COM)  and Shane with the Chuck on the last day.  I’m in the center.  That’s a rough looking crew.  I think they wanted this photo for a wanted poster or something.  We will all three be back together at Van’s Artist Alley in Ridgeland Oct 3rd with some other artists so be sure to check that out.

jcc crowd 01

jcc crowd 11

Many a costumed people were beheld.

jcc crowd 09

I tried to sell this guy a book but apparently he startled easily.

jcc crowd 15

Dont you hate it when children fight with their parents in public.

jcc mystery box 01

Trey asleep at the Mystery Box Booth.  What’s Barrett gonna do when he finds out.

jcc dv 01


jcc dw 01

Dr Who girl came by and gave us jellie babies, she did.  And she bought sketch cards, she did.

jcc inky 01

It just aint a convention without Inky the Clown.

jcc inky 02

He was all over the place….and at our booth a lot.  I dont know what’s more amazing, riding a bike that small or pedeling with shoes that big.

jcc ric 01

Ric , also known as the BubbaWorld walking billboard, made it.

jcc paul 01

As did Paul.  He’s holding a Lion-O that I drew that he got signed by Larry Kenney, the voice of Lion-O.

jcc twisted toybox 03

the Twisted Toybox had some kind of full body Franken critter costume.

jcc twisted toybox 06

Here’s a close up of Paul…I mean Shane….no…..Maybe it’s a close up of the Franken critter the Twisted Toybox had.  It’s so hard to tell sometimes.

jcc supper 04

Sunday night Me and Shane went with the Heroes and Dreams crew to eat with Larry Kenney.  That was a Blast , I’ll tell you what.  It was “the Best Weekend Ever.”

bwc globe

A close up of the BubbaWorld Comix Globe to end with.  See ya at it next year, and hope to see ya at the Artist Alley in October.  I will have BWC vol One and TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD vol One and the first MISFITS & MAYHEM horror graphic novel.  Shane helped writing the MISFITS & MAYHEM book.


July 17, 2009

I’ve had a book signing or two.  A Couple  in Louisville (home town) and one in Meridian.  Oddly enough I’ve sold the majority out of the back of me car as I run into folks or talking about them and being over heard.

First off my books made it in my hands before the Red Hills Festival in Louisville.  Here’s a look at my booth.


and a look at the street before things got started…


This was the first Red Hills Festival that I ever made a profit on.  It rained and misted most of the day.  The crowd was nowhere near the normal size due to the weather.  And I left a few hours early before the big rain hit.  And I still managed to sell enough books to make me happy I went.  I also met a fellow MS web cartoonist from Ethel that I knew from the internet so that was cool too.

I had a signing in June at the Winston County Library.



This was before the signing started.  I didnt take any pictures during the actual signing.  I’m a bit absent minded at times.  That’s Mom in the first one.  I did ok at this one.  I wasnt a lot but enough that I was still happy with the results.  A day selling a few books is better than a day selling no books.  I actually sold more by accident on the way home from the signing, so the total of al the day sales was cool for me.

Then there was the Meridian signing.  I did it at a coffee house on Front Street called the Gathering Place.  I love this spot and try to drop by whenever I’m in Meridian.  Thanks to Terrance for letting me have the signing there, He’s a cool fellow.  And also a shout out to my Buddy Barrett who help me out a lot by promoting it and putting up posters for me.

bw signing meridian 03

Here’s my buddy Ric who I talked into tagging along to help me with the signing and hanging out with me at the signing.  This is getting stuff took into the Gathering Place.  Notice the very stylish and cool T-shirt Ric happens to be wearing.  Is that a Bubbaworld Comix T-shirt?  Why Yes it is.  It’s actually hand drawn by me with sharpie markers.  Ric is also my walking billboard.

bw signing meridian 02

a better view of the T-shirt before we left for Meridian.

bw signing meridian 04

And my Paintings set up inside the Gathering Place.  We were set up in the area right behind this at the nearest table.  Again I didn’t think to take any pictures during the actual signing.  I didn’t even think of telling Ric to.  The good thing about forgetting this again is that maybe I wont forget in Jackson.  I’m about to go to the Jackson Comic Con (July 18 & 19) and be in the Artist Alley.  I am so looking forward to this.  I hope it’s a yearly thing and grows some each year.  I plan to support it each year.  Shane will be with me so I plan to actually take a butt load of pictures this time around.  Plus it’s my first comic con that I’m a part of.

Drink & Draws

December 15, 2008

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I’ve been seeing these things around the web. Drink & Draws. It’s where artists, mainly of a cartoonist type mindset, get together at a bar or pub and pick a common subject matter to draw and sketch about. It sounds pretty freakin’ cool, actually. The only problem is you have to be living in an area with more than one cartoonist to get together and draw. I don’t see that happening anywhere near me. They don’t even have to be professional cartoonists or even have their stuff on the web. They could just be artists that like drawing comics and haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet. All the people I knew years back that drew comics as a hobby have all moved away and don’t really draw any more. Mississippi just don’t seem to be eat up with cartoonists. There’s the creator of Arlo and Janis but he lives on the coast which is a very far piece off and being a syndicated cartoonist would probably not have the time for it. I’ve met him in person a couple of times at shows he’s had and talked to him by email and he’s a very cool fellow. The only other one I know that has done anything with his comics (on the web like me) I have never actually met in person. We’ve just communicated by email and live a couple of hours away from each other. I don’t actually drink alcohol and would probably call it a Meet & Draw, or even an Eat & Draw if I could find even a couple of people locally that would be interested in doing something like this. They would have to be in central Mississippi around the Winston County area. Sometimes it helps to get inspired if you have others of like mind to associate with. If anyone that might read this blog is a cartoonist in the central MS area or knows of someone in this area that is interested in drawing comics or getting into drawing them just email me. You can go to my web comic site at and find my contact on the home page.


September 28, 2008

You may wonder why I named a strip MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS. Well it’s simply because I can’t spell NANIH WAIYA consistently. It was going to be NANIH WAIYA SWAMP DRAGONS until I realized that I couldn’t spell it the same way twice & no one outside the county I live in could pronounce it right by looking at it in it’s written form….so I went with the MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS. Even in this article I’m cutting and pasting the name to make it easier on me.

The main characters are HERMAN THE PSYCHOTIC CHICKEN …. his best friend and neighbor KNOTHEAD THE CLOWN … the Swamp Dragons BILL & BUBBA …. FUZZYWHAT, a short furry something from a pocket dimension in HERMAN’S closet behind his boots. There are also plenty of secondary characters.

HERMAN lives with BILL & BUBBA the Swamp Dragons in a nice and homey cave in the back corner of the county. KNOTHEAD lives in a two story mobile home next door to them. HERMAN & KNOTHEAD tend to get into a lot of mischief, …. tormenting nuns ….. stealing Halloween candy from children …. tormenting nuns ….. aggravating MELVIN the Mailman ….. tormenting nuns …. picking on KILTBOY …..and most importantly….tormenting nuns.

Yes….KILTBOY crosses over and appears in this strip also. Some of the secondary characters are used in different strips even if it’s just in the background. Ironically, MELVIN the Mailman appears in the QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR strip where nobody believes him when he talks about being harassed by a psychotic chicken and a clown. I also need to point out that KNOTHEAD’s character is a very pessimistic clown.

HERMAN was the first character that I ever came up with that I planned to use in a comic strip. It took me a few years to figure out the strip around him. I originally teamed him up with a chimpanzee. It didn’t work for me. Telling a friend’s sister about the NANIH WAIYA Swamp Dragons one day and how they would jump on children’s beds and make the slats fall out and eat teddy bears and crush easter eggs gave me the idea for some more characters. I figured they were the perfect room mates for HERMAN. HERMAN more or less just sponges off of them. Later I wanted a really pessimistic clown and KNOTHEAD was born. He was the perfect running buddy for HERMAN. They have all sorts of adventures with the ’68 Buick Skylark that they modified into a hover craft ….I used to own a ’68 Buick Skylark and it was my favorite car. It belonged to my grandma, who bought it new before granddaddy died, and when she got a new car, a Buick Skylark, I acquired the ’68 and drove it all thru high school and college and many years after. I sold the car around 5 or 7 years ago and as far as I know it’s still on the road now. You could almost consider the car a secondary character.

The first 28 strips of this title are the first real strips that I’ve ever drawn. Thus they are the worst strips that I’ve ever written. I did not even use them in my paper when I was doing it and they do not appear in my archive. The second month started getting better and the wrtitting was improving. Then came the day me and my brother were talking and the creation of QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR came about. Ironically, it came about while riding in the appliance truck running service calls. I started working on the character development and writing strips and drawing them. I just completely forgot and ignored the MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGON strip during this time. I worked off and on for over a year on this strip. This was long before self publishing anything or drawing on a regular schedule and I was just stockpiling what I got done for use later. A year or more had past and I came across the strips that I had written for MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS and decided I needed to draw some more of them. I never even picked up the original 28 strips to look at them before I went back to drawing them. There is this process called evolution of a comic strip. You can look at early “Garfield’s” or early “Peanuts” strips and compare them to the latest versions and see what I’m talking about. The 28th strip and the 29th strip of this title doesn’t even look like it was drawn by the same person. There is a missing evolutionary link in this strip. That missing link is in the first 150 strips of QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR. Just to show you what I mean, below is the 28th strip of MSD. I have never published it before.

Now compare it to the strip below, which is the 29th one, and see just how much difference there is.

Now just a reminder about TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD that will be starting this Wednesday October 1st at BUBBAWORLDCOMIX.NET .Be sure to check it out.