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May 30, 2017

My PATREON page has been retooled.  I will be producing a monthly comic called DOX.  It’s a sci fi time travel adventure.  I wrote it as a novel and I’m gonna draw it in a series of comics until I get to the end.  I have no idea how long that will take.  They will be available for my $5 and above supporters on my Patreon page as  a link to the pdf book.  When I get enough I will put them into a trade graphic novel and print it but until then only the Patreon supporters can read it.

I will also be writing short horror stories for a Horror collection series that I’m doing.  As I write the short stories they will be available there also as a pdf with a link provided to find it.  I will print that book when I get enough stories for it.

I will also be putting out humor graphic novel comics.  These will have a pdf of them linked to the Patreon page for the supporters to read before they go to print.

So much time and so little to do…. no … strike that… now reverse it… there we go.

Later my nerdlings.

I’m on Patreon now!

April 17, 2015

I’m on Patreon now! Oh yeah!  “What’s patreon?”, you ask.  Only the best thing ever.  If you’re familiar with Kickstarter and IndyGoGo then you have the general idea.  It’s a site where creators ( art, comics, writers, film makers , ect. ) can be supported by people from all over from $1 a month on up to whatever they feel like helping with.  Unlike Kick and Indy , Patreon is on going.  It’s for people that are going to making content whether anyone is supporting them or not.  Now you can have supporters and possibly make more content.

I’m a cartoonist.  I write and draw six humor comic strips that I put up on my webpage at BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  I’m doing this no matter what.  I’m also working on some side projects also.  Some humor, some sci fi adventure, and some horror.  Them more supporters I get on Patreon the more time I can spend on writing and drawing.  Also, if you’re a supporter of my page you get perks.  The $1 per month donations gets to restore a little more faith I have in Humanity, and they get a nifty BWC wall paper for their computing device.  The $5 a month perk gets to see the pages that I’m working on for my side projects as I finish them.  They get to read the books before they’re printed and they will not be on the web anywhere else.  The people that support with $10 a month get access to a video series that I’m calling , “Making Comics”.  It’s me with the help of my monster puppet Roscoe showing how to make comics from scratch.  Drawing tips, character development, backgrounds, lettering , panels and layouts, and eventually even self publishing.  It will be a on going series and after I get to the point of making comics and producing them then the series will evolve into me making my projects and behind the scenes as I make those projects.  Also, The higher tiers have access to the lower tier perks as well.  There is also a $15 perk that gets a Bubbaworld Comix original art Sketch Card in color mailed to you for each month that you are supporting me at the $15 tier.  You also have access to the other tiers too.

If you like the sound of this then go to my site HERE and show your support and spread the word to your friends too.  Have a Bubbatastic day and I’ll see ya in the funny pages.