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September 5, 2016

BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL. ONE is available now online.  It collects the six main humor titles in one book. ALSO… I now have a Coloring Book for Grown Up Folks HERE for sale and a Horror Comic series LIGHTS OUT BOOK ONE of Five

I’ve been working on the New ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER book.  It’s a humor comic about , well, a zombie hunter.  It has two stories with him and his sidekick Be-elza Boo Boo the demon.  It’s been fun working on this one.  I’m also about to start working on LIGHT OUT BOOK TWO of Five.  Landon McMinn ( the writer ) has is written,  I’ve just got to start laying out pages.  I want to have it done before Pensacon in Feb.  The BUBBAWORLD COMIX OMNIBUS VOL TWO is in my computer finished.  It just needs a cover and I can put it out.  My sci fi time travel novel DOX has been written for ten years.  I originally was going to use it as a manuscript to put out a series of graphic novels but never had the time so now it’s just coming out as a VERY illustrated novel.  I will be putting 151 illustrations in it actually.  That’s four books I’m working on at one time.  I have another waiting to start as soon as I get these , or some of these, done.  I’ve just counted and didn’t even realize that I had 13 books that I’ve self published.  Mostly humor, some horror.  I’ll post a list here then I have to get back to the drawing board.  I literally will be going to the drawing board…. I’m a CARTOONIST! YAY!  Yall have a Bubbatastic day why don’t ya.

If you would like to support BWC and help me keep making comics you can buy these books
GAS GIANT 700 pages ebook PDF file (comics collection) $5
BWC OMNIBUS vol ONE 100 + page book (comics collection) $12
LIGHTS OUT book 1 of 5 Horror Comic $6
GAS GIANT vol One Hardback book (comics collection) $40
GAS GIANT vol Two Hardback book (comics collection) $40
MISFITS & MAYHEM ( Horror Comics Collection ) $20
MISFITS & MAYHEM ebook PDF file $2.50
MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 ( Horror Comics Collection ) $20
MISFITS & MAYHEM vol 2 ebook PDF file $2.50

There are other books on my lulu store page but the earlier ones are contained in the GAS GIANT volumes so I didn’t post them here.  There are regular and ebook copies of each one on my lulu store page if you feel you just absolutely , positively must have them.  You can get to my lulu store page from any of the book links provided.


November 30, 2015

“I’ve just decided to switch our Friday schedule to Monday, which means that the test we take each Friday on what we learned during the week will now take place on Monday before we’ve learned it. But since today is Tuesday, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. Pencils ready!”  Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory quote.

The only constant in the Universe is Change…. and my underwear…. and Change is coming to the BUBBAWORLD COMIX site , I tells ya.
For centuries ….. well maybe not centuries , although it feels like centuries, not that it’s a bad thing , just saying… for a long time now I have been doing six comic strip titles.  Originally when it was a paper it was six pages with each title a full page.  Then I made it four pages and each title got half a page with one title getting a full page.  Then I changed again…. I went to the interwebs.  It became a web comic.  I was updating six days a week.  That’s a lot for a web cartoonist.  A different title for each day of the week.  Then I had to take side jobs that became full time jobs and I made a new change.  I went to three updates a week, still pretty good, and did three titles one week and three titles the next week.  All this I was putting out collection books of the strips too.
Now the time for Change has come again.  Having six titles on one page makes the archives a little difficult.  I had six archive pages, one for each title, that held about ten strips each.  Then I created six wordpress sites for the full archives of each strip.  All six titles are humor strips and have one shot gag strips but each one of them has ongoing stories also.  With each title updating twice a month it’s a little hard to keep up with whats going on.  If it takes three or four strips to advance a story then you’re looking at it taking six to eight weeks to read that story while doing the same with five other titles.
Here is the Change.  I will be dropping all six titles on the BUBBAWORLD COMIX webpage and replace it with a one shot humor gag strip.  It won’t involve regular characters and will not have ongoing storylines.  Do not fear, the six original titles are not going anywhere.  They will become books.  I have a collection book that will be released in the upcoming weeks and more strips for a second collection book.  After that each title will have it’s on long base story in book form.  Around fifty pages or so which will be around a hundred strips.  Two strips per printed page.  The page count depends on how the story goes.  Hopefully I can come out with a book every couple of months and all the titles will be represented within the year.  I could never stop doing these titles, they are like my children…  they’ve just hit puberty and need to grow into something different , hopefully something better.
Two weeks and one day.  That’s how many updates of the old way will happen before the new Changes take place.  These are the last seven strips That I had written so I’m drawing them before switching over.  Until then, I’ll see ya in the funny pages.

P.S.  I will still be updating the six archive pages on wordpress with the new strips so those sites will still be active, and will announce books on those sites when the times come.

I’m on Patreon now!

April 17, 2015

I’m on Patreon now! Oh yeah!  “What’s patreon?”, you ask.  Only the best thing ever.  If you’re familiar with Kickstarter and IndyGoGo then you have the general idea.  It’s a site where creators ( art, comics, writers, film makers , ect. ) can be supported by people from all over from $1 a month on up to whatever they feel like helping with.  Unlike Kick and Indy , Patreon is on going.  It’s for people that are going to making content whether anyone is supporting them or not.  Now you can have supporters and possibly make more content.

I’m a cartoonist.  I write and draw six humor comic strips that I put up on my webpage at BUBBAWORLD COMIX.  I’m doing this no matter what.  I’m also working on some side projects also.  Some humor, some sci fi adventure, and some horror.  Them more supporters I get on Patreon the more time I can spend on writing and drawing.  Also, if you’re a supporter of my page you get perks.  The $1 per month donations gets to restore a little more faith I have in Humanity, and they get a nifty BWC wall paper for their computing device.  The $5 a month perk gets to see the pages that I’m working on for my side projects as I finish them.  They get to read the books before they’re printed and they will not be on the web anywhere else.  The people that support with $10 a month get access to a video series that I’m calling , “Making Comics”.  It’s me with the help of my monster puppet Roscoe showing how to make comics from scratch.  Drawing tips, character development, backgrounds, lettering , panels and layouts, and eventually even self publishing.  It will be a on going series and after I get to the point of making comics and producing them then the series will evolve into me making my projects and behind the scenes as I make those projects.  Also, The higher tiers have access to the lower tier perks as well.  There is also a $15 perk that gets a Bubbaworld Comix original art Sketch Card in color mailed to you for each month that you are supporting me at the $15 tier.  You also have access to the other tiers too.

If you like the sound of this then go to my site HERE and show your support and spread the word to your friends too.  Have a Bubbatastic day and I’ll see ya in the funny pages.


September 25, 2014

I get to be a full time cartoonist again, I tells ya.  I recently changed to a job that is only one day a week but will pay my bills so I can spend more time on my art and comics.  I of course have the BUBBAWORLD COMIX website for my six humor comics but I keep the archives of each title here on wordpress sites.

MY WORDPRESS COMICS ARCHIVE SITES  / they will update regularly every 2 weeks, staggered







Keep an eye out for updates.  I’m currently getting each title updated and caught up so they should start updating every two weeks.  Of course that means there will be a new comic of some sort at least three times a week now.

See ya in the funny pages.


August 26, 2013

I penciled in three new comic strips today and plan to ink them in just a bit after writing this here blog I tells ya.  i have six main titles that usually updated on Monday thru Saturday.  I’ve been putting off  drawing for over three months now because of an injured wrist.  I’ve started back but will still be using a wrist brace as I draw and ink.  I will only be updating three times a week.  QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS and DAWN OF TIME will update next week and the week after that will be CAPN’ GEEZER , SPACE REDNECKS and GOING BATTY.  Each week will alternate between the set of three titles till I get to a place where I can produce six comics a week again.  I will also be working on the Halloween specials.  A new ZACK THE ZOMBIE HUNTER is already written and ready to be drawn and I’m about to start writing on a new TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD.  I plan to have the New TALES start on Halloween day and go on for a month with ZACK continuing afterward for another month.  Both stories should be around 30 or so strips each.  This should get me thru the holidays and give me time to have some of the regular comics done up to be ahead for a change.  Yay.

So, starting Sept 2nd check out BUBBAWORLD COMIX for new updates.  The best ding dang comics in the civilized world and beyond Mississippi too.  Also I will begin updating the wordpress archives that I have for those comics also.

Don’t forget if you’re in north/central MS that the BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL is Sept 28, 2013 at the Coliseum in Louisville, MS.


August 12, 2013

Well, if you follow any of me comics and post you’ve may have noticed an absence of late.  Around three months I believe, Oh my has it been that long?  Why yes it has.  i hurt my wrist at work, my regular job not while cartooning , and now it’s very painful to draw.  It’s a stretched ligament or tendon or some such like that.  I did it to my left hand twice in a three month period but it’s completely healed as of right now.  The problem is that I did it to my right hand also.  It’s the one I draw with mostly.  I say mostly because I’m ambidextrous.  I can write and draw with both hands I have just always done my comics with me right hand.  I’ve just recently bought a sketch book to further train my left hand in drawing.  To look at the first few drawings they are actually pretty good and better than a lot of folks can draw with their normal hand.  The problem is they are not BubbaWorld quality yet.  I would not draw a comic strip with my left hand and post it as of right now.  I’m just starting back drawing again this week and I have to use a brace to be able to do that.  If you’re wondering what my doctor said…. well, I didn’t bother seeing one.  I know it’s a time heal thing and what good is it to pay some quack a lot  of money to tell me that.  My chiropractor did look at it when I went to get my back adjustment.  He has reasonable rates and I trust him more that some of the medical doctors we have around here.  The first thing I’ve drawn since starting back was a BUBBASQUATCH for the mascot and logo of the BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL that I’m hosting in Louisville, MS on Sept 28, 2013… time travelers are invited and welcomed…. Take a gander at them if you will.

backwoods header 03a

bsq 002

BubbaSquatches are big hairy hominids that tend to be sighted around or near comic festivals.


April 18, 2013

BUBBAWORLD COMIX is holding a contest for actual people to become companions in the CAPN’ GEEZER comic strip.  Travel thru space and time with Capn’ Geezer and his assistant , Bot , in a comic strip.


Your name and likeness will be a companion in the CAPN’ GEEZER comic strip.  If you win you can decide if you want your last name used or not.

It may be a one shot , it may be for weeks or months… there is no telling how long.  Zoe and Red Shirt have been there for 13 years so far.  I doubt it will be that long though.

This is a humor strip so there will be jokes and silly situations.  If you have any problem with you cartoon likeness being in those situations or saying things that I write then don’t enter the contest.  If you enter the contest you are giving me license to use this character the way I choose to do so.

If by chance you are a steampunker then let me know if you want to appear as your steampunk persona.


Multiple ways to enter

1.  Write an email and send it to me HERE telling me how much you want to be a companion traveling thru time and space with CAPN’ GEEZER & BOT.  Mention how long you have been reading CG or if you’ve just started reading it.  New fans have the same chance of wining as old fans.  Include a photo of yourself.  Close up and full body shot.  I will have to make you into a cartoon after all if you win.

2.  Or make a youtube video telling why you want to be a companion.  Pretty much the same as number one just as a video.  Of course you will be in the video so there’s the included pictures.  Try to get some close ups and full body shots.  I will be making a YouTube video and putting the link HERE for response videos to be added to it.  For now my youtube channel is HERE

3.  Bribe is an ugly word.  But it does works.  Presents and gifts will be accepted.

Go to BUBBAWORLD COMIX and check out the CAPN’ GEEZER page


February 18, 2013

This past weekend was a great one.  Went to the MS PULP CON in Jackson , MS .  I promoted the BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL and sold artwork and more importantly, hung out with a lot of old and new friends.  Artists, writers , vloggers, fans, Store owners, cosplayers and even a clown.  Such a diverse set of buddies.

They come from all over the state and even from other states at times.  The night before was great just hanging out with a bunch of us enjoying getting together.  The laughter didn’t stop for some of us till 2 in the morning.  The con itself was  great.  Visiting friends at their booths while taking a break from mine.  Recognizing  folks that make it to all the events within the area.  Hanging out with new friends that you made at the last event.  Hanging out with three pros and just being silly I tells ya.
mark t

Then the crazy ninja steakhouse was just the topper to the night.  Never been to one of those types of restaurants before but plan to go to another one as soon as I can.  Just wont be as much fun without 15 or 20 friends to go with.
Check out my geek calender for more events around Mississippi.



January 29, 2013

I’m a cartoonist.  If you’ve read me blogs or seen my comic blogs you may have suspected this.  I write and draw many humor comic titles and put them on the interwebs , I do.  The main six humor titles appear on my website at BUBBAWORLD COMIX .  Usually they update every day…. a title for each day.  I take the Sundays off now don’t I.  Anyway, years ago I started a Halloween special.  At that time there were Halloween specials all over the web  by cartoonists.  Usually collaborations and such.  Now it’s not as common, sad really when you thinks about it.  I still do it.  I likes the way my special evolved over the years.  TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD is the title I started with for the special them oh so many years ago.  At first it was the brothers from the QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR comic strip telling tales from an actual appliance graveyard.  I would do Halloween horror humor with the different titles I had.  Then it occurred to me that I could do a cross over event.  Yeah , that’s the ticket.  I would cross over QUICK APPLIANCE REPAIR, MISSISSIPPI SWAMP DRAGONS, DAWN OF TIME, CAPN’ GEEZER, SPACE REDNECKS & GOING BATTY into one horror humor special each year.  It worked.  I’ve done it each year on my BWC website.

The first year I had a bit of a happy accident.  I broke the fourth wall with the CAPN’ GEEZER characters.  the Capn’ and Bot have two companions traveling with them in his time machine.  Zoe and Red Shirt.  I had been drawing my strips for years and stockpiling them.  I had even put them in a self published monthly paper here locally.  When I decided to fully go online with me comics I started from the beginning of the strips I had been stockpiling.  So in the Halloween special the Red Shirt companion mentions that he has not been introduced into the series online yet but was with them for the special.  The Capn’ replies that he’s a time traveler and that Red Shirt will be a companion and that he can cross his own time line for a holiday special.  So I uploaded that page and was pleased with myself.  The following Thursday, the day CAPN’ GEEZER updates on, I uploaded the CG strip and realized it was the first appearance and introduction of Zoe.  Zoe herself had not even been introduced into the strip yet.  Even though these are humor strips I tend to have story lines and occasionally will call back on past events.  But I have decided that each Halloween TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD specials would have something of the future hinted in it.

One year I had the CAPN’ GEEZER strip written way ahead of the one showing up on the web in updates.  I was also way ahead on drawing the CG strip and had just been updating it and not drawing new ones for a little while.  I had been drawing Bot’s new body and getting use to the design when I did the Halloween special that year.  I drew Bot in his new body and never realized it till after the updates.  That was fine though.  Thru time travel we got another peak into the future.  Another year I was doing my comics in a new style that hadn’t started showing up in the updates before the Halloween special was drawn that way, it also had the Emu that was about to make an appearance in each title.  In twenty eleven I had redisgned the SPACE REDNECKS space ship but it was first seen in the TALES special for that year before it happened.  The question is what did I hide in plain sight this time ( 2012 ) that will be showing up in the titles.  I guess you’re just gonna have to read the TALES FROM THE APPLIANCE GRAVEYARD : IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE special and then the ARCHIVES of my comic strips to find out.

Backwoods Comics Festival was a Blast

October 9, 2012

The BWCF was a blast I tells ya.  Cartoonists , writers , artists, comics and collectiable vendors, cospalyers and even a sweetshop selling Jelly Babies.  That’s right, I said Jelly Babies!  They’re a delicacy on Earth I tells ya.

AND CLOWNS! I FORGOT TO MENTION CLOWNS!  Inky the Clown, only the bestus Clown in all of creation I tells ya, was there…

….and Geeky the Clown Puppet was there , and apparently he has a twin sister …..

…. and Jimmy Johnson , creator of the ARLO & JANIS comic strip , was there to sign copies of his new book.

If you didn’t make it to the BACKWOODS COMICS FESTIVAL then your life is sad and pathethic compared to those who did go.  But never fear , it will be back next year in the same place on the same weekend.  Sept 28, 2013 at the Coliseum in Louisville, MS.

See ya in the Funny Pages